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The Magic of Naturopathic Medicine for Women w/ Lashanna Leonard

In the first episode on Season 2 of The Wellness Geek Podcast, I had the honor of sitting down with Ms. Lashanna Leonard. Lashanna is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Natural Medicine and is the proud founder of LaShanna Leonard Inc., a bicoastal company that serves both Houston Texas and Los Angeles California communities. She is also the editor-in-chief for The Well Life Magazine, a lifestyle brand reaching a global audience of over 1.3 million readers. LaShanna has been penned as the Quintessential Wellpreneur.

A few highlights from our talk include..

  • 6:30 Lashanna breaks down what the 6 principles to natural medicine are and why they stand apart from the more conventional approaches to medicine that we might be used to.

  • 7:10 We hit on the importance of listing to the body’s natural wisdom when it comes to healing yourself.

  • 10:10 Lashanna’s personal journey going from being on tour as a professional dancer to now getting her Doctorate in Natural Medicine.

  • 18:18 We explore common misconceptions surrounding our tireless efforts to achieve weight loss goals and the power our mentality has in actually achieving them. Lashanna also explains how it’s a lifelong journey of our relationship with food and stress management that keeps us balanced in the long term.

  • 19:37 We explore how the weight loss industry has been able to capitalize on our insecurities rather than focusing on the root causes of weight gain.

  • 25:22 From an entrepreneurial perspective, Lashanna shares her personal journey within online wellness and the one thing she wishes us all to focus on first.

  • 32:00 Lashanna touches on her Body Fierce Wellness Tour & how it focuses on realigning women with the inherent abilities we all possess deep down. (One of them being our natural ability to multitask!)

  • 37:40 And finally, we learn what the 5 cycles of wellness are and how maintaining these interconnected aspects of life in alignment can allow us to live a healthy & wealthy life.

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