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The Life of A Wellness Blogger w/ Sierra Brown of

In this episode, I sit down with Wellness Blogger & Holistic Health Coach Sierra Brown. We discuss everything from what a holistic health coach really is, to what Sierra believes it takes to become a successful blogger in 2018. 

Sierra is a health and lifestyle blogger, wellness influencer and a holistic health coach. She enjoys helping busy women create a healthy and vibrant lifestyle that they love on their own terms. More specifically, Sierra is the creator of Wholehearted Chronicles is a wellness and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping you create a wellness lifestyle that you love minus the stress. On her site, you will find simple wellness resources related to healthplant-based recipes, mindful living, self-carenatural living and everyday life. You can also find Sierra’s helpful wellness articles spanning across virtually every social media platform with her Pinterest page alone garnering 104.4k monthly viewers! For fun, Sierra loves practicing yoga, listening to oldies music and creating healthy treats to satisfy her sweet tooth. 

A few highlights from our talk include..

3:44 - What is a holistic health coach? Sierra breaks down exactly what they do going way beyond what you eat including aspects of your life like relationships, physical activity, career, and spirituality to just name a few...

5:11 - Sierra explains what her personal health journey was going from having serious health conditions to healing her body through more holistic approaches to her eating habits and lifestyle.

11:14 - We learn about what sparked Sierra’s inspiration for making the WholeHeartedChronicles website!

13:04 - Sierra breaks down her three centering intentions when it comes to mindset & staying consistent in her health journey.

16:42 - We also discuss the importance of having a personal commitment with yourself through things like knowing your WHY and creating a vision board for visual reminders.

19:22 - Sierra lays out the average day of a wellness blogger and all the big & small details the come into play when making it your career.

23:43 - We discuss the importance of inclusivity in the online wellness space and how showing our idea of ‘perfection’ online in wellness can actually intimidate people who might be just getting into it.

31:32 - Sierra talks about her excitement in starting her holistic health coaching business.

36:53 - We talk about the beauty of sharing what we know on building platforms for others trying to do the same thing.

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