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Becoming a Mindful Entrepreneur w/ Kiah Chism, Holistic Fascilitator

In our final interview on season one of The Wellness Geek Podcast, your host, Alina Brown sits down with Kiah Chism, a Holistic Facilitator based out of Dallas, Texas. Kiah offers everything from Meal Planning to Mindfulness Coaching through her community website, Along with her degrees in Physiology and Psychology, Kiah is also currently in the middle of pursuing her master's degree while running her own holistic health business, Enigmatic Soul. 

A few highlights from our talk include..

"My thing is, there are so many lies that we believe subconsciously that we don't actually hear. And they manifest themselves through our habits via self sabotage...."
-Kiah Chism

  • Kiah’s journey from training her whole life to become a professional athlete, to experiencing a life-changing event that would ultimately lead her to discover her true calling of promoting other’s growth, through her knowledge of the human mind & body.

  • Kiah shares her experience as an entrepreneur with breaking away from the romance of doing it all alone, and the power that lies behind collaboration & mentorship.

  • She also dives into how knowing your WHY behind what you’re working on can be the anchor you need to stay focused and driven through any trial or tribulation.

  • We’ll also explore what people can expect from her Mindfulness Coaching and how she can help guide you through identifying limiting beliefs that could be holding you back on subconscious levels.

  • Lastly, Kiah shares her wisdom of time management and the impact morning rituals can have on the rest of your day.

All of this, and more in our final interview on Season One of The Wellness Geek Podcast! If you're interested in learning more about what Kiah has to offer, be sure to connect with her at & @KiahChism on Instagram!

And don't forget, even though the podcast is coming to a temporary end, the party isn't over when it comes to health and wellness! Be sure to connect with our host, Alina Brown on Instagram @heyalinaalive & watch her holistic health videos on the YouTube Channel, Alina Alive. 

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