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From Nursing To The Yoga Studio w/ Dara Danielle, Yoga Instructor

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

How do we protect our energy? What’s it like going from being a full-time nurse to becoming a certified yoga instructor on top of that? Sit back with us as we get to know Dara Danielle, (better known by her Instagram handle as @pintsizenurse) as we talk everything from her personal growth with yoga, to her personal growth within social media.

A few highlights from our talk include..

  • 3:23 - Dara expresses the importance of allowing people to come into yoga for their own reasons and the inherent mental shift that many people notice when entering the practice.

  • 5:30 - Dara describes her personal path from being a full-time nurse, to slowly falling in love with cultivating a healthier lifestyle, which ultimately leads her to yoga. She also describes the change she noticed mentally

  • 6:16 - Dara describes the impact yoga had for her first going in on her mental health and ability to take on high stressed work environments

  • 8:14 - Dara touches on her experience as a person of color entering int yoga & wellness spaces and the importance of supporting yogis of color when they come to your town to further cultivate a the wellness community you desire.

  • 12:19 - Dara explains what made her decide to focus her yoga outreach on women of color.

  • 16:18 - Dara describes what her initial experience was when first entering the yoga world.

  • 17:00 - We discuss what it’s been like for Dara to grow and network with up and coming yogis of color.

  • 22:20 - Dara described her path to becoming an online Instagram influencer.

  • 23:30 - Dara delves into her top yoga & wellness book recommendations for anyone interested in diving deeper into the practice.

  • 25:50 - Dara describes what the concept of protecting her energy means to her.

  • 26:00 Dara speaks into the importance of having regular digital detoxes & staying present in the process.

  • 28:29 - Dara talks about the organic growth of gaining her Instagram followers through just sharing the many stages of her wellness & academic journeys. She also dives into the importance of sharing the rawness of your journey to better connect with your audience.


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