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What Are We Eating? The Power of Food Education w/ Lauren Nixon, Food Educator

In this episode of The Wellness Geek Podcast, Alina Brown sits down with Lauren Nixon, a Washington D.C. based Food Educator who guides people toward building juicy lives by teaching them to cook with real, sustainable food!

A few highlights from the interview include:

- The power of eating what our ancestors ate and how eating locally and sustainably was just an everyday thing for them.

- Easy ways to incorporate healthy cultures and good bacteria back into our diets.

- Lauren’s journey from having a 9-5 office job, to becoming an independent Food Educator.

- Lauren extends her knowledge on the importance of knowing your worth as an entrepreneur before expecting others to do so.

- The importance of meeting people from every walk of life in her workshops, right where they’re at, and the impact that this mindset can have on your own outreach and community.

All of this and more, in this episode of The Wellness Geek!

Be sure to check Lauren Nixon out at & send her some love on Instagram @larennnixon

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