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About Me

So my full name is Alina Brown lol

And I'm the founder of Alina Alive, a platform dedicated to spreading holistic health knowledge through online mass media. Ever since I was a young girl, I loved discovering new and helpful facts to share with my friends and family. This constant curiosity eventually led me to discover the multifaceted world of nutrition, ancient remedies, and modern integrative medicine. Excited to share this with everyone I loved, I quickly realized that not many people knew about the power of food and preventative medicine, let alone basic nutrition. 

Fast forward through studying Nutrition & Dietetics in college, giving my first TedX Talk on the power of community outreach in preventing some of the top killers in the US, moving across the country from LA to Texas and BACK.. 



I'm very proud to call myself a Holistic Health YouTuber, Host and Producer of The Wellness Geek Podcast, Nutritional Therapy Student, and all around wellness geek lol. I have a deep passion for exploring different ways to educate while also entertain within this ever-growing online wellness space! On my YouTube channel, you’ll find everything from videos like “I Tried Beyonce’s Vegan Meal Plan,” to “The Health Benefits of Chlorophyll” and everything in between like topics on meditation and the laws of attraction. And on The Wellness Geek Podcast, you’ll find interviews I’ve done with Wellness Entrepreneurs, Food Educators, Natural Medicine Doctors, and Nutritionists alike!